There is one in every class. One kid that ties their shoes together. One that waddles around the room laughing drawing any and all attention they can get. One that then needs to ask the teacher for help because they can’t get the shoes apart.

This year is no different. “We just talked about how we want to feel safe in school. Do you think this was a safe thing to do for yourself or others?” I asked Kay while struggling unsuccessfully to get her shoe laces apart.

She stares down at me and says, “I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just walking and they tied themselves together.”

I stop what I am doing and stare up at Kay dumbfounded. “Really? The laces from one shoe just happened to triple knot themselves together with the one next to it.”

“Um… Well…”

A few days later, after the laces have been cut apart so Kay could make it safely home, I’m helping several kids tie their shoes before recess. “Boy! We really need to learn to tie our shoes this year in 2nd grade so we can make it outside on time,” I say jokingly.

“Yeah… but when you do learn… Don’t tie them together,” I hear someone say from the back of the room. “I learned that the hard way. Now I have to wear Velcro sneakers.”

I smirk. Well at least the lesson was learned early this year!

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