Sundays are beach days during the summer. They are filled with family, hotdogs and fun.

This weekend my sister and cousin decided we needed a theme. After some deliberation, it was decided we’d have the first (annual?) float-chella, which was inspired by a floatilla that happened a few weeks ago down at a different beach.

The text message was sent out… Float-chella will happen at 3pm followed by root beer floats or limoncello…pick your poison. Find your best float and be there 😀

We collected many floats… hotdogs, pizza, butterflies, daiquiris, circles, lobsters and much more. We even had a homemade float. At 3pm 15 of us charged in. We linked together with a rope. We kicked out and floated into shore and kicked out deeper again. We laughed and attempted to all smile at a camera.

Some people got cold. Some got tired of kicking and paddling. But everyone called it a success before getting out of the water for their treat.

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