18 Holes

Last week I played my first full 18 holes of golf. It was also my first golf tournament. I played in the Big Dan Golf Tournament to raise money for a scholarship fund in his honor with my parents and my brother. Here is a snippet of my inner dialogue throughout the day.

Alarm goes off: Boy I wish my flight hadn’t been delayed and/or I wasn’t slightly jet-lagged from my week in California.

Arrival and check in time: I forgot so and so was going to be here. How are they related to this cause?

Hole #1: It’s a gorgeous day for golf.

Hole #3: Wow this course is hilly. Thank goodness for golf carts.

Hole #5: This isn’t too bad.

Hole #7: I’m so used to par 3 courses. These holes are all so far away here.

Hole #9: Ugh! I stink! Keep your head down!

Hole #12: What the heck! Usually I can at least drive the ball. Why can’t I even do that?!

Hole #13: What do you mean there are still 5 more holes? Deep breaths. You can do it!

Hole #15: Can I skip this one? Or maybe all of us can?

Hole #16: How the heck have we been playing this for 4 hours? How do people play 18 holes multiple times in a day? Or even in a weekend?

Hole #17: Not fair! How are they finished and we aren’t?

Hole #18: We finished! We finished! Wow, I actually played 18 holes of golf. Overall it was a great day and I’d do it again next year too!

Needless to say, I had fun but won’t be playing 18 anytime soon (9 will keep me perfectly happy).

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