I Bid Adieu

Cheerio to the loud talkers 

Adios to the soccer fanatics

So long to the video game enthusiasts 

Farewell to the chitchatters

Bye-Bye the the determined gymnasts

Sayonara to the big smilers

See you to the ones that aspire to be a teacher

So long to the ones that takes it all in

Adios to the hard workers

Ciao to the good friends to everyone

Tootles girlfriend 

So long to the ones who march to their own drum

Later to the helpers

Cheers to the thinkers 

Au revoir to the book worms

Adios to the nonfiction experts

Sayonara to the paperplane makers

Goodbye to the 2nd grade class of 2022!

4 thoughts on “I Bid Adieu

  1. All of our students take on certain identities in our classes that we remember. Sometimes it’s just as exciting saying good bye as it is saying hello at the beginning of the year-because you know how far they’ve come.

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