And the shout out goes to…

When I got the invite to my college friend’s bachelorette I was excited. When was the last time we had all been together? As I kept reading though, I realized it was a 6 hour drive!

No one going to the bachelorette party was from CT like me. I’d have to drive by myself or fly. It quickly became clear though that flying just wouldn’t work. There were no flights from the closest airports which means I’d have to drive at least 2 (but I know it’d be more with traffic) hours for the hour flight and then another hour on the other end. Not worth it.

Driving it was. Now to decide after work or very early in the morning the next day to make it in time for the 1pm festivities. I hemmed and hawed over what to do. Neither option was ideal, but I had to choose…the morning it would be.

Then over dinner 2 weeks ago my dad says, “why don’t mom and I take a vacation that weekend? We can all drive up together. We’ve never been to the Finger Lakes.”

I could not be more grateful for that suggestion. Thank you just isn’t enough!

6 thoughts on “And the shout out goes to…

  1. There’s a saying known to the BBC’s “Sherlock” fans: =The Universe is rarely that lazy=. The quote is about the concept of ‘coincidence’ in the world, but I believe it also covers such serendipitous moments like this. Sometimes it’s ‘given’ even when you sometimes forget to ask.

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