The Challenge is Over

On Friday at 8:45 the students flocked to the library for one last morning of slicing together. Some were there for their 5th slice of month, others 15th, and still others were there to finish their 30th slice.

We gave them time to write but then we couldn’t help but celebrate the amazing work they had done in April. We called them each up one by one to receive their certificate and a journal to keep their writing going. They applauded each other, turned to have their picture taken and said thank you for this experience.

When the time was up we had to force some students to leave. They didn’t want to. They enjoyed this time together. Meeting new faces, learning about each other through writing and being inspired.

Each of the 60+ students achieved their goal: they wrote more than they had to… they wrote more than what their teacher assigned me.

And to me, that’s AMAZING!

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