What’s Cookin’

Did you ever play “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” when you were little? I honestly can’t remember much about the game but attribute it to me saying things to my students like “what’s up, paper cup” or “where to gumshoe?” Hopefully I’m correct with even saying I got these ideas from the game.

Today, our first day back from spring break, I ran into a bunch of kids and of course asked “how was break?” Or “where did you go for break?”

Late in the day I ran into Henry who I had for only a few months last year and don’t see often this year, and without thinking said “What’s cookin'” (thankfully stopping myself from the rest of that one… “good lookin'”).

Henry looked at me from behind his mask, tired from the long day back at work. I could see he was thinking how to answer. After a long pause he replied, “I don’t know what I’m having for dinner…(long pause)… if that’s what you mean.”

I smirked and told him what I meant and he immediately launched into his trip to Boston.

Oh how I love kids… especially this one for not making fun of my quirkiness!

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