Several years ago around Thanksgiving my friend Jenna suggested I participate in what’s called the Holiday Council. It’s a three week journey in December of reflecting, thinking and planning about the year that passed and the year ahead. One of the final results of the Holiday Council was choosing a word of the year. A word to live by. Over the years I’ve participated I’ve chosen the words Joy, Embrace, Connect, and most recently, Emerge.

This year though I decided to do the work on my own and not join the group. I spent some time thinking about 2021. How did the word Emerge treat me? Did I achieve the goals I wanted to? How was the year overall? Then it was time to think about the year ahead, 2022.

During a conversation with my sister, she pointed out that I overthink… everything! “I don’t know how you sleep at night with all the thinking you do! You must be exhausted,” Tori proclaimed during a discussion of what I should wear. She’s right. I do. I overthink what to wear, where to go, what to do, if I like someone or not, if I should say yes or no to an invite. The list can go on and on. It takes away from just living in the moment. I’m even overthinking my word for 2022 I’m sure.

After the conversation I thought some more. I asked some friends and family their thoughts. And lo and behold my sister helped me come up with a word for this year. I’ve been living with it now for about a week. So far it’s fitting. I’m making decisions a little bit faster. I’m feeling slightly more sure of myself. I’m focusing on the moment.

So here it goes, no more overthinking my word choice (after all it can always change)…

My word for 2022 is SIMPLIFY!

8 thoughts on “Simplify

  1. I read this title and thought it might be speaking directly to me as my province spends a few weeks of virtual learning. And no matter how much I try to simplify for the students, the content creation is anything but simple. And your story of overthinking everything from what you wear to the words you choose resonates as I remember changing my sweater THREE times this morning! Yes, simplify.

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  2. They say that decluttering is very liberating and that probably goes for thinking too – although I must admit that I tend to do more of the overthinking myself. Saw and followed a link to a new book that is out by Jodi Wilson called “practising simplicity” with a byline ‘small steps and brave choices for a life ‘less’ distracted’ which may interest you. There’s an interesting story of how she was led to write this book too.

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  3. Simplification can bring out a lot of beauty by centering on the essentials. It’s hard for me to do, though, because I’m like you and often overthink and ponder too much. However, I do think there is a balance needed between simplification and the complexity of thoughts. I find overthinking helps me make sense out of world. Good luck with simplifying life this year. I hope it provides beauty and enjoyment.

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