Silver Linings

I’ve spent the past week thinking of silver linings…

I am comfortable being home on my couch (which is new for me).

I’m away from the hoopla and stress of the week before school break.

I have the time to Zoom with friends from the west coast for hours!

My team mates are amazing and so helpful!

My family and friends are amazing with texts and phone calls.

My doorbell rings with cookies, books and other fun treats that make me smile.

The self-paced grad class I am taking will actually be finished before the new year.

The books that I kept falling asleep to are actually excellent.

The beach/water is a wonderful place to live by…even in the cold.

I will see my family on Christmas.

It’s the positivity and silver linings that help when things are less than ideal. I’d say I have a lot of that going for me right now and I’m very thankful for that!

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