“The people who run a school are the custodians and secretaries,” Aunt Roo always used to say. “Be nice to them!… Always!”

Hence the tradition of crafting with Donna Dear started when I got my first teaching job. We start at Thanksgiving (if not sooner) scheming. Scouring the internet for ideas. Searching our cabinets for items we could use or reuse. Text messages fly between us to share what we find.

Soap? Hot chocolate bombs? Carmel? Lip balm? Bread? Pinecone trees?

The day finally arrives. We’ll start out with one idea. It’ll turn in to 10 others. There will be some yelling and some mess ups. There will be a call for help to a cousin, sister or mom. Donna will eventually say, “We need to bring it altogether.”

In the end, are the crafts we make amazing? Probably not Etsy worthy but we certainly have fun planning, executing and delivering them.

The joy of the holiday season. What will we think of next?

5 thoughts on “Crafts

  1. Crafts can bring the magic of the season alive! I like your opening, as I always think, what can I do for the custodians and secretaries this time of year? The ones who do so much for the school, quietly. And you captured the process! “There will be some yelling and mess ups.” Too true! Thank you for the fun, and not so fun, moments of crafting with chaos and merriment!

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