Who knew?!

Last week my class was tasked with the job of turning one of their earlier nonfiction pieces into a new one. After being shown several examples of formats they went off to give it a try. Some made their writing into a series of questions and answers. Others wrote as if they were that place or thing. One or two tried their hand at writing a nonfiction poem. But most I’d say tried, what I think is rather tricky, a graphic novel format.

We gathered to share the day before Thanksgiving and I was very surprised. They had taken their basic All About or How To books and completely changed them. Did I teach them how to do that? Or did just reading and referring back to the mentor text help? Had they conferred with a writing partner? Where did they come up with all the information as well?

As we came to the end of our share time I sat next to F and E to listen in and was brought to tears laughing. F had missed the direction to take an old piece of writing and change it. Instead he was writing a graphic novel about me! And let me tell you… a lot of it was news to me.

Who knew?! I guess a reminder about nonfiction is needed… or at the very least the facts about me.

3 thoughts on “Who knew?!

  1. Seriously!!!???? This is the best!! This writer clearly got an all about Mrs. Wetmore down! Question — do you really eat a lot of hamburgers AND what exactly are you doing on the computer that you are having so much fun??!! Tell that writer I’m impressed!

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