Birthday Girl

Usually quiet and shy Haley stood in the doorway to our classroom today in a vibrant outfit… rainbow tutu, sequenced unicorn top and hair done up with a new hairband. She stood there taking in her classmates doing their work. She stood there clutching her water bottle.

“Good morning, Haley,” I said approaching her quietly. “You look all fancy today. What’s the occasion,” I asked already knowing the answer.

The smile grew on her face, “It’s my 7th birthday!!!”

At that moment some of the other students in the class noticed her lively birthday outfit and began welcoming her.

“Wow! You look great!”

“Look at that tutu!”

“Mama Mia! You look AWESOME! Yowza!”

Haley’s smile, if possible, grew even bigger! What a way to start your birthday with so many compliments!

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