Hallway Mishap

“Guess what,” I announced to my class. “Today we get to go to computers. Your first time in the computer lab since you were in kindergarten!”

The class erupted in cheers and smiles. They could not wait to see the computer teacher in person instead of through a screen and be on a computer instead of a Chromebook. “When?” came a voice from the back of the room.

“We’re going to go right after lunch,” I told them… and remind them several more times.

Finally the time had come. “Remember,” I said as they lined up in the cafeteria, “we’re heading to the computer lab.” They surprisingly got into a quick, quiet line. Wow! They must really be excited. When we got to the computer lab I announced, “put your lunchboxes and water bottles down against the wall while we wait for Mrs. Doyle.”

I peeked my head inside the computer lab door and came back out with Mrs. Doyle. “Um, why are they all sitting on the ground against the wall?” she asked me. “Did you tell them to do that while they waited?”

“Nope! No clue!” I said hiding my laugh. This is just my class. Maybe I’m wrong about the excitement of being in the computer lab!

4 thoughts on “Hallway Mishap

  1. I can just picture you two coming out and seeing your class all orderly and waiting. I imagine they were so full of anticipation that when you said to put the water bottles down they figured they better sit so as not to risk loosing entrance into that once forgotten computer lab!

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