Fun, Fun, Fun

What was the first concert you ever went to? My first concert was The Beach Boys at the outdoor Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT when I was around 9 (maybe) because my uncle was obsessed with them and essentially taught me every word to every song. I might not remember a lot about the actual concert but I remember the day leading up to it…

“Dad and I have a surprise for you tonight! Brett, you and I are going to meet dad at work for it,” my mom told me in the morning.

“What?! What is it?!”

After begging my mom for way too long it was decided to give Brett and I some hints.

“1…you both love this thing!

2…it has to do with water and the beach.

3…we’ll get some food there too.”

The whole day Brett and I were making a lot of guesses. At one point we even decided that we had to bring our bathing suits with us in case it was a water park! Naturally, we never guessed our surprised and were SHOCKED when we arrived at Oakdale to our first concert.

We danced and sang the night away: California Girls, Kokomo, Surfin’ USA, Little Deuce Coup. The concert surprise was a huge success and a great summer night.

Now 25+ years later I’ve just gone to my 4th (maybe 5th) Beach Boys concert, again at an outdoor amphitheater. While the group has changed members over the years and they are slowing down and sound a bit different… it’s still a Fun, Fun, Fun time! A great way to end summer!

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