Sit, Observe, Sketch, Write…

As I walked into Dawn’s house for the Community of Teachers Learning (COTL) meeting I was immediately drawn to all her tomatoes. I’ve read so many slices about her garden that I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. Tomatoes were everywhere… huge ones on her kitchen table, and the rest lined her window sills (many window sills…around her kitchen and living room). One sill held her favorite ones, “plum tomatoes,” Dawn proclaimed. “I’ve already made 5 batches with them and put them in the freezer for a November night,” she beamed. We discussed tomatoes for a little while longer before settling in to our meeting/writing.

When the invitation was to observe or sketch and write I was again drawn to the tomatoes on the window sill. Maybe I was drawn to it because of a cardinal , or another tomato discussion. But nonetheless I was drawn to this window where I observed, sketched and then WROTE (which is huge for me… a first of these COTL meetings) about this beautiful and delicious bounty of tomatoes.

4 thoughts on “Sit, Observe, Sketch, Write…

  1. What I admire most here is your journey to the sketch. You were taken by the tomatoes and let that be your inspiration for observing and writing. You discovered a new path to writing…and that’s pretty cool. When Jessica Mazzone (TC staff developer) was at SES a few years ago, we talked about the fact that there is not one “right” writing process and there is variability in each process. Sometimes exploring one’s own process can ignite ideas as you’ve done here! Yay you and your bravery!

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  2. WAIT A MINUTE! Are you part of the Jess, Dawn, Peter etc group? How did I not know this until now? You all are amazing. Ok. Back to my scheduled comment. What I love about this slice is how you move from noticing to talking to sketching to writing. What a wonderful example of how we move into writing – and a great thing for me to remember as I head back into the classroom in a few weeks.

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