Dear Mosquito

Dear Mosquito,

Please pick on someone your own size or better yet no one at all. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t know what happens when you bite someone, so I’ll tell you.

The place where you bite gets inflamed and itchy. Very itchy. Sometimes it itches for minutes. Other times on and off for days. And a few times it never itches. There is no rhyme or reason for this. Some people claim they don’t get bit often but I’m not one of those lucky ones. You always seem to come for me. ALWAYS!

It becomes really frustrating especially when you get woken up at 3am (like I am right now) itching. You try the Benadryl ointment and the bug bite sucker thing. You try making an X with your figure nail on the inflammation. And you try not to itch and cause it to bleed. Ignoring it is also an option but nearly impossible. So frustrating and unnecessary.

So now that you know the consequences, will you stay away?! PLEASE!




10 thoughts on “Dear Mosquito

  1. I’m sorry for your plight with the mosquito. I get bites but they don’t swell or itch much past a day. I say it’s my Mississippi blood. My daughter hates them with a passion, and now her young toddler has been dealing with them, and she’s had to learn that Benadryl makes him a little bit crazy. Clever letter.

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  2. Can I make a copy of this and send my own letter?! I usually fail to leave the bites alone and end up with a bloody scabby mess. This post has me thinking of different things to write letters to now!

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  3. This is so fun!!! It’s also sooooo accessible for kids! You have to share it with children! I love the line pick on someone your own size — with that, they’d leave us all alone!! The bites on the ankles are the worst and I got two of those last night just taking the pool cover off—ITCH!!!

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