“Ms. W! Ms. W! Ms. W! Ms. W! Ned put tape all in Jim’s hair,” I hear Alec screaming from behind me on the 2nd to last day of school.

I turn to see my class coming in the classroom from art. And sure enough, Jim walks in with a wad of painters tape the size of a fist in his hair. “I don’t know why Ned would do this! What am I going to do? It hurts to pull on.”

I bring both boys into the hallway to try to not make a scene. “Ned, are you the one that put tape in Jim’s hair?”

“Yes!,” says Ned. Before I can ask another question he is off saying “He ALWAYS touches my hair. And I hate it. My hair takes hours to get done. No one should touch my hair.”

Without prompting Jim responds “I don’t remember touching your hair. I don’t! I promise I won’t ever!”

The boys get out all their emotions with very little intervening from me. Eventually they seem to apologize to each other so I begin to very, very slowly peel the painters tape out of the hair… piece by piece, “ouch” by “ouch!”

5 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Reading your post I remembered what happened in early eighties. My two small cousins stuck chewing gum to their hairs 🙂 Their mothers had a tough time. I think they had t cut the hair as they could not remove the gum.

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  2. This is a wonderful. slice. I feel like I am in the hallway with you all. I once did something like this to my sister. Trust me, at the time, I thought she deserved it. I had a LONG time out.

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