Thank You Second Grade Class of 2021

We ended the school year last year behind screens, my fingers crossed there were no technological glitches as I tried to share my classic end of the year video via Zoom. This year we end behind masks, my fingers still crossed there will be no technological glitches sharing a video.

But this time it’s different. This year I get to see your reactions in person. I get to hear you call out each other’s names as pictures flash across the screen. I get to bop along to the music and smile along with all of you and maybe shed a few tears.

Last year I also ended with a poem saying goodbye. So keeping with tradition I’ll try to do the same…

Goodbye to the learners who always persevered.

Goodbye to the Hamilton aficionados.

Goodbye to the boys who could not stop talking football stats ALL fall long.

Goodbye to the dancers and gymnasts.

Goodbye to students who joined our team midyear to make our class feel whole.

Goodbye to the kids with their noses ALWAYS in a book.

Goodbye to the fast runners and cartwheelers of the group!

Goodbye to teachers of new words like 감사합니다 (gamsahabnida).

Goodbye to my first-ever looping class. The class I got to teach and grow with TWICE! You will never be forgotten!  

6 thoughts on “Thank You Second Grade Class of 2021

  1. I can feel the joy and appreciation in every word — appreciation for kids in person, appreciation for each individual child, appreciation for the community of learners you were blessed to have for two years!!

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  2. I can feel the love you have for your kiddos, and I imagine they can too. As for looping…YES. I was fortunate enough to loop with a group when I taught in Michigan. It’s an incredible experience, one that none of us will forget. I’m also hoping you shared this poem with your kids? =))

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