The Sunroof

I’m sitting around the table, eyes half open, drinking my first cup of tea, chatting with a few girls at my sister’s bachlorette party. “Um Elena,” I hear from behind me. “We have a problem. A small problem but a problem. The sunroof was open over night and it rained. Amanda (my SIL) might need some help or some calming down.”

I glance over at my sister and smile. I say calming, “it’s just water in our dad’s car that we borrowed to get up here. It’s nothing he hasn’t done before. A mistake” I continue walking to the linen closet where I grab a bunch of beach towels before heading outside to see the “damage.”

As I approach the car I hear Amanda already. “Your dad is going to be mad at us. How could we be so stupid as to not close the sunroof after taking your sister’s pictures!? Ugh!”

As Amanda and dry the car with the beach towels I try my best to calm her down. I tell her she wasn’t involved in the photo shoot so Tori and I would be the ones to get in trouble (which I still thinking is highly unlikely). I tell her it’s happened before. I tell her it’s actually not that bad because of the small sunroof and leather seats. It could be much worse.

“I think we did the best we can do for now. When we get back to CT we already have to get a car wash of the outside anyways. We’ll just do the inside too! Don’t stress!”

Amanda smiles back slightly. “If you say so. But I’m still scared of what Mr. W will say!”

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