A Blessing

When lockdown struck I was at a loss of what to do on Sunday mornings. Typically I would drag myself out of bed, go to church and then get a yummy donut. And if I didn’t go to church I didn’t get a donut…and I really like a good Sunday donut.

A few weeks after lockdown started my friend Christina posted on social media a picture of her TV on Sunday morning. The picture was of her brother, Father Stephen, on the alter of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. The following week I tuned in myself… and for many weeks after that. I didn’t even get a donut most weeks. I just enjoyed listening to mass from the safety of my home.

Fast forward to this past Sunday when I was invited to attend mass in NYC with Christina to see her brother. That also meant I got to meet Cardinal Dolan, the man who gave so many personable, thought provoking, and heartfelt sermons this past year. On occasion he even through in some funny lines, a favorite being about his own mother enjoying a nice Bloody Mary while watching mass.

The day was amazing… from the behind the scenes tour of the residency to the sitting on the alter for mass to the chatting after mass with the Cardinal. I feel extremely lucky to have had that experience to culminate this crazy year. I’ll be going back for sure.

6 thoughts on “A Blessing

  1. This is beyond a blessing! It’s like a reward for all your hard work towards your faith all year! One of my favorite Christmas memories was attending Christmas Eve mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral with my fam!! Thanks for sharing your blessing!


  2. I too like a good doughnut, glazed or jelly, and going to mass virtually. It has been one of the nice things about having to stay in. Some times I would browse for a new mass to attend in a new church, without having to leave my living room. I never made it to St. Patricks. However now after reading your post, I’ll see if I can make it there this Sunday. Thank you!

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  3. This. This IS a blessing. It’s a reminder of the love and sustenance and compassion we’ve needed from one another throughout our lives, and especially this year. And…hoping there’s a donut shop nearby for you. =))

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