13 to 18

The past month has been HECTIC!

I’ve been the recipient of email after email saying “_____ will be joining your class starting _____.” While I’m cheerful for these emails, because they mean some sort of normalacy is coming, they also lead to the mad dash. The mad dash to get things ready… pencil bin (with hopefully all the right materials), writing binder, adding to Google Classroom and other programs, nametags for the desk and locker. And the I’m sure I’m forgetting something mentality.

Then the sigh of relief for a moment. An extremely brief moment until the child walks in. Then it’s time for the excited yet crazed first day. Making sure they feel comfortable. Answering question after question. Helping them learn routines. Introducing them to other students and teachers (who may or may not have known them before mask wearing was a must).

Finally the end of the day arrives. If I was lucky I remembered to setup everything ahead of time and wasn’t climbing on chairs to reach something in a cabinet in the middle of a lesson. If I was lucky the child picked up on routines and connected with friends easily. If I was lucky no tears were shed by the new student or me.

If I am lucky I’ll stick with 18 students for a while.

4 thoughts on “13 to 18

  1. I got so many of those emails this year, going both way- joining and leaving. I don’t miss all the set up. Luckily, I think kids moving back to dL will be few and far between. Hopefully things settle down for you too!

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  2. It is a nice sign of normalcy returning. It is a mad dash and SO much work. There was a lot of coming and going in DL. But….you are doing it….and the kids are thriving. That’s the key. It would be interesting to have one of the incoming children write a slice. I bet they feel kind of the same – nervous and excited too. p.s. I’ve always thought 18 is the perfect class size.

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