I used to be considered a “plain/picky” eater.

My mom would complain about the lunches she would have to pack. “How will you not eat a peanut butter sandwich? Why will you not eat the bread when you eat the turkey from your turkey sandwich?

My aunt would only host me overnight because I was basic in my eating. An iceberg lettuce salad with tomato and cucumber, a baked potato and bread was my dinner most nights.

In college my roommates would constantly say “let’s order takeout Chinese food. Oh wait… Elena doesn’t eat that! Ugggghhhhh!”

By the end of college those same roommates convinced me to eat chicken and broccoli (2 foods I had been eating just not cooked in that way).

After college my mom convinced me to eat peanut butter on an apple.

Even further after college a friend has since convinced me to be more adventurous… to eat sushi, mushrooms and other random things I never would have considered before.

And TONIGHT… “the men at the bar” convinced me to have escargot!

Deliciousness in a mushroom cap!

10 thoughts on “Escargot

  1. I used to be a picky eater, too, but traveling opened my eyes to the joy in different cuisines. While I am now a much more adventurous eater, I certainly wouldn’t be into escargot! Well done on being a risk-taker!!

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