I dislike tires

If you’ve been following my blog this week you probably already know a little bit about my dislike of tires. However, being in March in Connecticut means temperatures changing often. (One day it’s 50 degrees and the next 27 degrees.) Which means my tire pressure changes too. And with a change in tire pressure comes the light on my dashboard. Ever since getting stuck at Mile 118 I’ve been more nervous about my own tire light coming on and “exploding.”

As I’ve said I’ve always had bad luck with my tires…especially in the winter. So when my tire light came on this time I added air to my tire immediately and continued on my way.

A few weeks later though, the temperature dropped and my tire light came on yet again. Instead of finding my way to a gas station I found my way to Burns Tire (still immediately). No appointment, just my fingers crossed and hoped they’d help.

“My tire light came on. Can you check the back passenger tire for me,” I asked peeking in the door.

“Of course!”

Within minutes my tire was fixed.

“Thanks for adding air to my tire,” I started to say.

“And for taking the nail out of it,” the mechanic said with a wink.

“Ugh! Oops! Glad I came in. What do I owe you?”

“You’re all set! On us!”

I left with a huge smile on my face. I definitely know where I’ll be going to buy my next tires.

8 thoughts on “I dislike tires

  1. I have that same problem with the change in temp and my tire light. At least I did in my former car. My new car has these fancy ‘never flat’ tire, so no spare and no tire light apparently… or at least not yet.

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  2. I had the same issue with my tier pressure light this winter and it always makes me nervous. It sounds like you have made plenty of kind people along the way dealing with your tire issues.


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