Road ranger…Mile 118

“That’s a nice car moving to the middle lane away from us.”

“That one not so much…changing lanes and coming towards us.”

“Wait…is that our tow truck?! Never mind…it says State Farm.”

But as the State Farm truck gets closer it appears to be pulling over. Plastered on the side of the truck says “Road Ranger.”

“Hi! Do you need some help,” says the friendly man stepping out of the truck.

“Sure,” Jake responds. “I have the tire but looks like you have an easier and heftier jack.”

In minutes our caravan has a spare on it. “Next time don’t bother with AAA” says the Road Ranger. “Call *347. All we do is drive the highways looking to help people like you. We’re typically much faster.”

“Thanks,” we say in unison. “But hopefully there won’t be a next time.”

5 thoughts on “Road ranger…Mile 118

  1. YAY!!! I can’t wait until we see you back into the car and on your way – safely! This is a wonderful saga to read – probably not as much to expereince, though. Thank you so much for letting us into it with you.

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