Where’s the tire at Mile 118

While waiting for help my mom and I had searched the car for a spare tire. We looked in the back…golf clubs and a yoga mat. We looked under other seats…emptiness.

Finally the owners manual is pulled out. It tells us the spare (if we bought the car with one) is between the front seats where the center console is. We search and search. The console doesn’t move. No tire can be there, we decide.

“No way…I’m figuring this out,” Jake says opening all the same compartments we had already looked in. “There is a jack so there has to be a tire. Ask Google!”

Google says the same thing…the spare is between the front seats where the center console is. “YouTube it!”

And sure enough there is a video explaining the process. Jake will have to use a bar to attach to the center console and rotate left to have the spare drop to the ground under the car. From there you use the same bar to pull it from the center of the car to the side. Who invented this idea in a “mom” car?

After a lot of trial and error (and rewinding of the video) the spare is in our procession. The spare tire holder is wound back under the car and Jake moves on the assessing how to lift the car.

“This is not safe. Cars are going too fast. You cannot change the tire here,” my mom says.

“It’ll be fine I know what I’m doing,” Jake says while getting “a look” from my mom. “Fine! I’ll pull the car over 2 more feet. Then you 3 can watch the highway while I change it,” he utters climbing into the caravan.

8 thoughts on “Where’s the tire at Mile 118

  1. I love this continuing saga formt…. I am on pins and needles! Such a great way to do just to this unfolding story. Your genious choice of format helps the reader to know that this was a drawn out ordeal, and not just a situation that was over and done with. Brilliant!

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