How to be…

Priscilla came into my classroom last week to do a lesson with my class. She has 2 jobs in my school… a math interventionist and the workshop teacher. My students though think of her as a math teacher and were thrown off when they weren’t doing math problems with her.

“We are going to do some different thinking today. We are going to write directions for being something.”

They went on to study different kid’s writing of how to be a river and how to be a raindrop. They read it several times. They picked out the vivid language. They even stood up at one point to make noises like rain by clapping and snapping at different rates.

“Now it’s time for you to pick something to write directions about. How to be (blank). Be creative.”

They chose things like unicorns, fireworks, books, feathers and puppies. They used descriptions with all their senses and then some. They thought outside the box. They wrote and wrote.

Now if only I could be as creative as them…

8 thoughts on “How to be…

  1. I am so delighted by this idea! And your kiddos wrote such lovely and fun and thoughtful responses. I’ve always felt that preschool was the perfect place for me, but this gave me a glimpse of the magic that comes with teaching older students. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. What great ideas they came up with! I love reading kids writing “if you ever fall to the ground, notice the journey through the air”. AMAZING! What team work between you and Priscilla! I love that you are finding time for kids to explore what it means to be a writer not just do writing!

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