3 words

Social media posed me a writing challenge last week. While scrolling I came across the challenge…

What would be the best story? Could I get a meaningful story in only 3 words? 3 words is hard. In fact, many of my favorites were 5 words or more. I tried my best not to look at the comments on Facebook until I finalized mine. But honestly I can’t choose just one.

So here are some of my 3 word happy stories (in no particular order).

Slice of Life!

Wine and Cheese!

Family trumps all!

At the beach!

Dessert is happiness!

Let it be!

This moment matters!

Acts of kindness!

17 thoughts on “3 words

  1. I saw this idea on Fran’s post and came here to see her inspiration. Wine and Cheese says it all for me! I will give it a go – Dogs walking humans. Celebrating second shots! Stuck in traffic. Slicing to connect.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your lead-up to the story challenge and your actual short, concise, and meaningful story. It became my mentor text for my slice that was completed right before the close of midnight.

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