How to Pick a Book

How do you pick your next book to read for pleasure? Or for professional development for that matter?

I set out today to pick some books to read over break next week and was stuck. Well, to be honest, first I was stuck because I couldn’t remember how to get books onto my Kindle. But then I got stuck on what to actually choose.

What type of book am I in the mood for? I don’t think I can do anything serious these days but am I in the mood for a mystery? A rom-com of sorts? And once I pick a genre do I rely on my favorite authors? Do I rely on Amazon telling me that because I liked book X I’ll also like book Y. Do I trust the recommendation of friends on Goodreads or bloggers that I’ve never met?

I ended up with a mixture of all of the above… and judging books by their covers (I know, I know…exactly what we tell kids not to do). But I’m still left wondering… how do you choose a book?

8 thoughts on “How to Pick a Book

  1. Every time I hear about a book (from a blog post, or a friend) that sounds intriguing, I put it on my Amazon wishlist. Then when I am looking for books to borrow onto my Kindle from the library, I check my wishlist. I put a lot of books on hold because others want them too, and often I end up reading things in the order they come in, rather than the order I choose, but that’s OK. Learning how to borrow books onto my Kindle was a game changer! I also listen to the “What Should I Read Next” podcast and get lots of good ideas that way (again, I add them to my wishlist). I reread quite a few books, too, depending on my mood. Ruth,

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  2. Oh, I love the same podcast! And if you don’t have time for it, she has excellent articles on her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, like this one – 14 wintry books for dreary days. One of my favorite ways to find books has been taken away by the pandemic. Our library has Choice Reads which are paperback novels that I loved to peruse back in the day when we could go to the library. I ask friends what they have read and loved recently. And I keep a running list of recommendations from blogger friends. And I always have more books to read than I have time. Currently listening to How to Trap a Tiger, this year’s Newbery winner.

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  3. Such a good question, and I am enjoying the responses! Just this week it was my turn to make a list of books for my book club to conisder. I always check out lists of award winners, I read Obama’s lists. Lists lead to lists. I ended up with a list of contemporary authors sharing their favorite comfort reads! I also keep a running list in the “notes” section on my phone, so when someone tels me a title I will have it. Happy reading!


  4. Hmmm…good question. My number one is recommendation from a real live conversation with someone! Next would be searching for current middle school and high school books that are newly released or on the newer side (these are my favorite reads!) Keep us posted on the reads! Vaca only three days away!

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  5. This is so difficult because it seems the TBR list is never ending; in fact, it grows faster and faster! Like above, I think I usually rely on award winner lists. Or maybe recommendations from conferences I attend. I definitely judge a book by its cover, and I admit that to the kids – they always think it’s a trip LOL

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