50 cents

Reading Freckle Juice on Friday my class and I had to pause and discuss the meaning of 50 cents. You see the book says that 50 cents is a lot of money and adds that it took Andrew (the main character) weeks to earn it in his allowance. That didn’t seem accurate to my second graders who probably receive double if not ten times that from the tooth fairy alone.

It was during this discussion that a boy in a younger grade walked by our open classroom door and peered in. He continued walking before backing up and walking in.

“50 cents is not a lot of money you know. It doesn’t buy much,” the unknown boy said, before turning around and walking out of our classroom.

My students all turn their heads looking from one classmate to another, smirking. Finally one student pipes up, “what the…?!” And the rest fall into a fit of laughter.

“I don’t know but I hope we taught him something today,” I reply trying (unsuccessfully) not to laugh at this memorable unprompted visitor.

2 thoughts on “50 cents

  1. I miss those moments where the older kids and the younger kids talked to each other. Even students in the same grade don’t get much cause. I hope you become that little ones teacher some day, he’s a thinker.

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