Christmas 2020

As everyone knows Christmas 2020 was very different than in years past. Leading up to the 25th thoughts were downcast… of traditions not being fulfilled and family not being seen.

But now looking back at the day, it truly was a special day. Christmas 2020 was one for the books…

  • It was full of baking the same traditional desserts and passing them out to family members to have on their own.
  • It was having a baking cookoff to see who could make the better graham cracker pie or pizzelles.
  • It was thinking outside the box for gift ideas to avoid stores. OR at the very least being ok with giving someone their gift on the 30th or in January.
  • It was enjoying some quiet moments during times that usually are chaotic.
  • It was matching family pajamas.
  • It was staying in those PJs for a 2nd, 3rd, maybe even 4th cup of tea next to the Christmas tree watching It’s A Wonderful Life on repeat.
  • It was decorating your car with Christmas lights and driving around singing.
  • It was surprising an aunts with caroling at her doorstep.
  • It was Zooming with family that you wouldn’t ordinarily have seen.
  • It was recreating “concerts” from 10+ years ago.
  • It was taking pictures with masks on.
  • It was breaking out the family tablecloth and creating your own rendition of “The 12 days of Covid” (I mean Christmas), so that something was marked for 2020.

Christmas 2020 may not have been what it has been in the past but it was certainly full of laughter and love, gathering (from afar) and giving. It brought back some of the true meaning of Christmas.

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