Growing up our family tree stand provided endless hours of entertainment. Yes, you read that right… the tree stand kept my siblings and I entertained. Let me explain.

You see the stand is very unique. It was built in the late 70s/early 80s by firemen in Bridgeport, CT as a fundraiser of sorts. The stand are platform like and have 8 small light bulbs around them. I am fortunate enough to have inherited my grandparents stand and every year someone points out how amazing it is and how jealous they are (even my siblings*).

Growing up my family tree was covered in colored lights. This meant that the bulbs around the base of the tree were also colored. Each day before turning the tree stand on we’d rearrange the bulbs. Some days it would be a pattern but most days t would be completely random. We’d also put various mini stuffed animals on the stairs each time day too.

This past weekend my siblings and I joined my parents to decorate their tree. My parents still have the unique stand and decorate with colored lights. My sister’s fiance refused to put an ornament on the tree but insisted on being the one to add the lights to the base. He spent A LOT of time making them just right. In fact, they were “too right.” Too orderly compared to our younger days. My siblings and I kept saying things like “no,” “you need to add all the colors,” “it doesn’t need to be symmetrical.” In the end though we let it be whispering to my mom “we’ll be back to ‘mess’ the bulbs up.”

6 thoughts on “Lights

  1. Thank for the memories! My parents and aunt and uncle all had one. I got one as a wedding present made by those Bridgeport firefighters. I also belong to a growing up in Fairfield site and they have posted photos of the famous tree stand and shared memories too!

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