“I think you should call your tree… Ray. As in after a year full of darkness, Ray is the light at the end of the tunnel, ” my sister-in-law proclaimed walking into my house for a night of tree trimming.

“Ummmmm ok. I would have said ‘a Ray of Sunshine’,” I answer. “Not that I have ever named my tree. But 2020 is wacky so… Ray it is.”

The night continued after dinner. Adding lights. Taking lights off when they were finicky. Adding ornaments in just the right spot with just the right amount of color. Sharing stories about various ornaments from when I was little, students, trips I’ve gone on and just along the way. And adding tinsel… adding only one strand at a time of course.

After trimming a few branches and securing the star on the top, the tree is finally complete. We sat back to take it in.

I actually think the name Ray suits my tree. It’s a Ray of light to get me through to vacation. A Ray of hope with the pandemic. A Ray peace in the new year ahead.

5 thoughts on “Ray

  1. I’ve never thought to name the Christmas tree; I think I’m going to start brainstorming a name for ours now! 🙂 Your tree is beautiful; excellent work!

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