I could tell I was loosing my remote learners. I needed to do some kind of break…but what? They aren’t GoNoodle fans. We don’t have time for a long break like grabbing a snack. What should we do?

“Let’s have a drawing break,” I said to the 6 students on the call. “I’ll give you 5 minutes to draw.”

“Can we then share them?” shouted Katie from her unmuted mic.


“But wait…we should guess what we each draw!” another student chimes in.

“Ok…but time is ticking!”

Beep! Beep! Beep! “Time is up! Who wants to share?”

Hands raise and I call on Jack in his sports jersey. He holds up a picture of a G. “Who wants to guess?”

Hands shoot up and mics unmute. Before Jack can call on anyone Dylan shouts excitedly “It’s the G from Gucci!”

Jack looks puzzled. “Um…nope!” he says hesitantly. “It’s the G from the Green Bay Packers!”

And with that laugh we are back to work!

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