Thanksgiving Eve

No one wants to get the phone call saying “You have to quarantine because you were exposed to a positive case,” let alone on the night before Thanksgiving. The night before you have a long weekend to catch up on sleep, errands and a chance to see family from afar. But these things cannot be planned and I was stuck with this situation on Wednesday night.

Emotions were high for sure when I received that phone call. I can’t see my family for the holiday!?! What if I am positive too? How am I going to teach remotely? Do I have all my materials home that I need? How am I going to last at home for 14 days…I am not good at being alone.

Little by little, hour by hour, my emotions changed. With every text message and email from colleagues from around the district, current class parents, past class parents, even neighbors (because of a poorly planned district-wide email) checking in on me I relaxed a little bit more.

Slowly my inner thoughts changed too. At least if I am positive I am not spreading it to my family while eating turkey. I won’t be able to stuff my face with Thanksgiving food. I have the whole weekend to make lesson plans and try them out. I am healthy at the moment and could be negative. I can stay in my PJs to teach if I want. My work family has my back for sure. I get to be out of the “ticking time bomb” for a while and not wear a mask daily.

I’ve come to learn in 2020 to look for the silver linings. Sometimes they aren’t seen right away. Sometimes they are really hard to find. But they are there and they are what gets me through hard times.

So, thank you to my support system. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for getting me out of my funk. I am grateful for you being my silver linings this time!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. The cards you were dealt, at first glance, stunk – put with your shift in thinking, you managed to make the most (are managing!!) to play a good game! Taking on the research mentality — what happens when I have to, get to, teach remotely? You have learned from the get go that your peeps, personal and professional, are there for you! You are a rockstar!!!

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