Tossing and Turning

Sunday nights are more like Sunday Scaries (as my sister calls them). The term refers to the anxiety that sets in on Sunday before returning to the work week on Monday. But recently more nights are turning into them…

What do I need to teach my kids about remote learning in case we go remote?

What do I need to learn to teach remote?

Why will have to teach the same thing twice (to two different cohorts) if we are remote? Why not teach everyone at once?

What do I need to pack up to bring home with me?

What do my students need to take home with them? When do they need to?

Is tomorrow going to be our last day of live teaching for a while? Will we even go in tomorrow?

And none of those worries compare to the actual health related ones…

Am I being as safe as I can be when at school and home?

What if I get it? At 2 weeks quarantining…ugh!

What if I’m a superspreader and don’t even know it?

And around and around and around my head spins… wanting to sleep so I can take care of my physical self AND be ready and alert to tackle craziness of work the next day.

6 thoughts on “Tossing and Turning

  1. You capture the minds of many in this slice! I love the term “Sunday Scaries” — I think it could be the title of a book — fill it with all the things a little might be scared of as one gets ready for the week ahead! You are brave, smart, caring and safe — stay you, calm the swirls and enjoy each moment! Take the cards that are dealt each day and play them well! xoxo

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