Reading and Math

“Tomorrow is Election Day so you’ll be doing some work at home. It’s also our Cheetah Cares Read-a-Thon day!”

“So I have to read all day long?” J asks in a slightly whiny tone.

“Not all day but as much as you can. I think you could do at least 45 minutes. Remember you are raising money while reading for people who need our help at the holiday season.”

“OOOoookkkkaaaayyyyyy!” he says as he slowly packs up his belongings.

“But I’m also giving you a few math problems to practice, using any strategy you’d like.”

“Woo Hoo! This is going to be the best day ever!” I hear from behind me. I spin around to find M and O jumping up and down in pure joy.

“What are you so excited about? That you’ll be home tomorrow?”

“No! That all I have to do tomorrow is do a tiny bit of math and the rest of the day I get to read. Read! Read! Read! It is going to be amazing! I cannot wait!” And out the door she bounds!

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