“I want you to remember back to Kindergarten when Mabel taught you about letter sounds and putting them together to make words like c-a-t. Then in first grade Rasheed helped you put those sounds together to make even bigger words like m-ee-t. Now in 2nd grade you guys and Gus are going to really get to work. You’re going to see and use many, many powerful patterns to help you write more and more words.”

Considering this study of powerful patterns AND Halloween just around the corner, my team mates and I have given the class a task… Use spooky, Halloween words to create a piece of writing that rhymes. It can be a poem or a story like Dr. Seuss or something else of your choosing. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

So here goes my try

Once there was a ghoul

who was very cool.

On Halloween night…

he was given a fright

when he saw a bat

hanging out with a cat.

Later he went out trick-or-treating

but couldn’t stop eating.

He went home with a bellyache

so his mom gave him medicine to take.

The ghoul had little fun that night

even though he tried with every bite.

8 thoughts on “Spooky

  1. I would love to showcase a few of your students’ spooky poems at my Abundant Autumn Gallery if you are interested. I share the Slicers’ Edition of my gallery at my blog Beyond LiteracyLink on Blogger if you would like to see some examples.


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