“Wait…when are we doing our afternoon meeting activity? Did you forget about it?,” Q asks as I try to start phonics with my afternoon cohort.

“I didn’t forget. I was thinking we’d go outside in a little bit for an activity instead,” I replied trying to “keep it cool.” In reality I knew our new student, Gus the dragon from the TC phonics unit, was being brought to our classroom in 10 minutes and we needed to get moving with our day!

Sure enough, 10 minutes later in comes Gus with a letter for us. It could not have been planned better. The para that I asked to help out brought a K student (whose sister is in my class) to deliver our new student. They claimed that Gus had flown into their classroom confused and looking for his 2nd grade teachers. The K student was beaming as he gave his big sister a huge hug and went back to class.

The students started firing off questions for Gus (and myself)… I thought our new student was going to be a human, didn’t you? Where did you go to school last year? Why did you not start with us at the beginning of September? Why are you holding him instead of socially distancing from him? Where should he sit to learn best? Can he see the book? Can he come outside for an activity with us?

I answered all these questions the best I could and tried to move us on to writers’ workshop. But of course at the end of the school day, Gus was not forgotten as students left saying goodbye asking even more! I have a feeling Gus will be a great addition to room 12.

8 thoughts on “Gus

  1. The energy you, and Gus, created around teaching and learning is contagious! This is why we need to be in the company of children! Yay and your brilliant, FUN, idea to introduce Gus to your second graders! You rock!

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