“Wow! I feel so normal right now” I say as I’m sitting in a bar (outdoors of course) watching football on Sunday at a beach. My friends Christina and Meg nod their heads in agreement.

As we cheer on the Cowboys (Christina’s team, not mine) we make small talk with a man next to us. He too is not a Cowboys fan but joins us in cheering. Why not…he feels “normal” watching football in a bar right now too.

Our new “friend” leaves and another man takes his place. This man orders a vodka soda and watches the game, not making a sound. All of a sudden we hear and see ice being thrown up in the air and landing on the ground around him. Christina, Meg and I look at each other trying very hard not to stare and laugh. What the heck?! Then we hear quietly and again a bit louder “Oopsies!” with the man replaying what just happened. We cannot control our laughter and join the man in laughing about his mishap. He had tried to throw the ice from his cup over his shoulder onto the sand behind him (we still aren’t sure why) but instead made it rain ice. Still laughing he decides to walk out of the bar saying “well that was just the normal I needed… football and a bar! Go Cowboys!”

5 thoughts on “Oopsies

  1. “that’s just the normal I needed” might become my new mantra. I’m unprepared to join you in a bar just yet, but I too long for glimpses of the life we once took for granted. I’m glad you relaxed and had a moment with friends. We need to recharge now more than ever.

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