Blaring Books

It’s 7:15 a.m. I turn my car on and fumble through my bag for my phone. I’m not looking to call anyone, but rather I want to turn on Hoopla so I can listen to my book…a mystery.

This is how my day starts most mornings. I cross my fingers no one calls and interrupts my book and start to drive to work. Books keep me entertained on my 30+ minute commute to work.

Recently my mystery (which is not my usual genre) has me hooked. So much so that when I pull into the parking lot at work I don’t want to leave my car. I compromise with myself… I can stay in the car and listen but have to start checking my email from my phone.

With a few minutes left of the chapter I hear a tap on my passenger side window. I look up to a smiling Deborah. As I roll down my window she starts to say “Are you deaf in there?” Before I can answer she’s saying, “wait your book sounds so much louder outside your car than in. What’s up with that?”

“Wait! What? Um…No clue, that’s embarrassing,” I say laughing “but I better watch what I listen to. Don’t want to get in trouble or offend anyone with my book choices.”

With that I roll up my window, turn off my car and join Deborah to walk in to work…abandoning the mystery for my ride home.


6 thoughts on “Blaring Books

  1. You made me laugh! I can’t tell you how many times I lingered in the school parking lot absorbed in NPR or a book on tape. At least I didn’t “Blare” my content…at least I don’t think I did……:)

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  2. Haha, that’s funny! It makes me think of when I was working in my room by myself and listening to Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer. It was a book on tape (this was a long time ago). I remember blushing at some of the scenes and hoping nobody walked in! Ruth,

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