It’s been a stressful few weeks to say the least starting school live in a hybrid model. There are so many questions out there from parents, students and teachers. Some can be answered, some can’t.

So tonight I sat down to do something that is hard at times but also can be very therapeutic…write my blog. I can with an idea, ready to type but instead of being met with the same screen I always type on, I am met with a new view on WordPress. All my controls are different. I don’t know where to go to add my pictures or make words bold or centered. Controls even keep popping up and distracting me.

I guess if I’m being honest I’ve seen a popup the past few times I’ve logged in warning me this was going to happen but I just ignored it. My time has run out though. There is a new editor that I’ll have to learn. Unfortunately, tonight is not the night for new learning though for me. So before I get more stressed I’m going to leave this slice here (with no Slice of Life icon) and head to bed. I’ll figure it all out another time…when I’m in a learning mood.

8 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. This is so honest… we’re all filled to the brim. Every time I get an email about something else we need to consider, do, learn… I feel the exact same way. Hooray for you for knowing when to walk away…even if just for today.

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  2. Yes, this was me last week and worse . . . I was going to have to compose on my phone (not my favorite plan) and with the new editor. And with another group, I have used that editor. BUT NOT on my slices. NO, NO, NO! I so connected with your slice as it was definitely a day of mishaps! Walking away is a great response! You did WRITE!

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