1st Day Jitters

I met with my 2nd grade class virtually last week.  I’m lucky to be looping with them from 1st grade so they already felt comfortable asking me many, many questions.  What will masks breaks look like?  What if I can’t keep my mask on?  How will I play math games with a friend?  How will I book shop?  Do I have to stay in my chair the whole time?  Is their plexiglass around our desks?  Where are our supplies going to be?  I tried my best to answer each of them but some I honestly don’t know the answer to.  We’ll have to plan and pivot and plan again many times this school year.

Today marks the official first day of school for students and the jitters are there just like every year.  This year we’ll start out differently though… 1/2 my class will come into school for the morning cohort and then I’ll do it all over again with the afternoon cohort (or the other half of my class).  And I’ve got many questions just like my students did.  Will the class be able to understand me with my mask?  Will I be able to hear and understand them?  Will I like teaching the same thing to a morning cohort and an afternoon cohort?  Or will I get confused which cohort I said what to?  Will we be able to get out of this hybrid model or end up fully distanced?  

This school year for sure brings along many jitters.  The unknown is hard.  My wish though is that those jitters fade away and that it becomes a school year of happiness, of growth, of change for both students and teachers alike.

Here’s to another great school year!  We’ve got this!


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