Year 14

Last Thursday I started my 14th year of teaching.  Of course there are so many things different this school year than in the past and even more unknowns but I’m choosing to focus on the other things.  I’m choosing to stick to the motto of “Good Vibes Only.”

Driving to school last week I was nervous.  Will I be able to keep my mask on all day?  What will I feel when I see my “empty” classroom?  How will we plan and learn about all the new protocols?  How will I stay calm instead of letting myself get worked up?  But then I remembered my motto… Good Vibes Only!

So, I walked into the building with my favorite, fun camo mask and a big smile that I hoped others could “see.”  I was excited to see my friends and get back into a routine.  At our first whole group distanced meeting outside around the blacktop my assistant principal shared with us something we all knew… “This year is going to be different.”  She went on to say that while it is different it is also new.  A time to start new traditions and think in new ways.  She too was thinking of the joy that the start of a new school year brings.

Year 14, just like the ones before it, will have its ups and downs.  But I’m choosing to not let the little things bother me.  I’m choosing to focus on and have Good Vibes Only!  (and I encourage you all to join me!)


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