Port Jefferson here I come

I am a traveler.  Most summers I like to take a trip somewhere.  It could be far or close but I like to go somewhere.  Inevitably when I enter school on the first day many people ask “where’d you go this summer?”  But this summer I wouldn’t have an answer when school starts.  So last week during my “week of me” I had to do something.

So it was decided that we would go to Port Jeff for dinner.  We’d ride the ferry there, eat and then watch sunset on the ferry back.  I haven’t been to Port Jeff in several years.  I’ve only ever gone for lunch and ice cream.  So this would be something new and different.  It would also be a safe excursion sitting on the top deck of the ferry and outdoor dining.

I checked the weather forecast and picked the best day.  I made dinner reservations for 5 people (my sister, parents and uncle would join).   The night before our “big” trip we checked the ferry schedule and made our final arrangements…having to tweak things because of sunset and me reading the ferry schedule wrong originally.

Finally, my trip of the summer arrived.  The 5 of us boarded the ferry and found the perfect spot and waited in the hot sun for the boat to start.  Then we sat back and enjoyed the nice Long Island Sound breeze.  We chatted.  We people watched.  We looked for landmarks we knew as we cruised across the Sound.

Dinner was wonderful.  Sunset was gorgeous (even though we were still on land).  It was just what I needed to start my “week of me.”



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