Dr. Awesome

First I lay on my stomach trying my best to relax… and I do. We chat about pandemic life, people, restaurants, etc. All the while she’s “beating me up” with cupping, infrared light, acupuncture, a theragun thing and pressure points.

Then I lay on my back. Mask on. Eyes closed. Tense. She gets me chatting again and stretches me this way and that. Slowly she gets me to relax. She knows I have a love/hate relationship what’s coming next.

“I’m going to adjust you.” My toes wiggle (a trick she’s taught me). “Breath!”

One yank of my neck. CRACK!

“F***ing Awesome!” She says and immediately apologizes for her language. “It’s just we’ve been working on your neck for a year and I’m just so excited and proud to see we’re finally making progress.”

I open my eyes and smile. I couldn’t agree more. It feels bad at first but so, so good and so worth it seconds later. I’m so glad I found Dr. Awesome!

6 thoughts on “Dr. Awesome

  1. You had me cringing with every cup and light and gun thingie and then I burst out laughing probably right when you felt the relief! Great slice and so glad you are feeling better with Dr. Awesome!

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  2. So glad you didn’t dive today if it’s taken a year to get your neck feeling better. Good choice! I’ve never been to a chiropractor so this is all so foreign to me. Glad it’s helping and you’ve found the right match!

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