Swim Teacher

With 4 kids and a pool in the backyard it was a no brainer for my parents to get a swim teacher to our house when I was growing up.  So it’s only fitting that I have carried on this tradition as my summer job for many, many years.  Lucky for me, my parents don’t seem to mind having me use their pool for these lessons.

Today was a swim lesson day and because of the virus my cousin drove his 2 daughters about an hour for their lessons at my parents pool.  They arrived in their red, white and blue bathing suits and matching hair bows.  They had their mermaid backpacks stuffed full of their swim gear: swimmies, towel, and unicorn/princess goggles.  They were ready and raring to go!

We worked on back floats looking like the letter T and front floats like Superman.  We kicked using the kickboard and the pool noodle.  We made our hands like ice cream scoops and went across the pool making arm circles.  We even picked a favorite hand to practice breathing to the side.

After an hour it was time for Miss Elena to get out to rest up for another lesson later in the day.  But the little girls got to stay in the water with my mom and their grandma.  I watched from the side of the pool as the girls showed off their new skills and had fun.  My mom even jumped in with a few of my “tricks” and “sayings” at times to remind them of what they had just worked on so they could show off when their dad got off a conference call.

Lunch and a rain storm arrived at just the right moment.  The girls barely made it to the highway before they were fast asleep from their hard work… hopefully dreaming about the swim homework I gave them for next time.



5 thoughts on “Swim Teacher

  1. All of this sounds familiar! My girls have talked about you and the pool daily since our visit last week. I enjoyed hearing the history of your pool from your mom and how you kicked this piece off with a bit of that. Such great summer memories. The naps at the end are also nice!

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  2. I love the image of you, Miss Elena, resting while the girls play and your mom joins in the fun! This entire slice makes me think of yes, the memories and carrying on of traditions, but also how learning can be, should be so much fun! So fun, that you are practicing immediately after the lesson!

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  3. My favorite part of your piece is the paragraph about your teaching- back floats like the letter T, front floats like Superman… this brings back memories and also Reminds us how there are clever teacher moves no matter what is being taught 🙂

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