During the last weeks of school I met with each child one on one.  I wanted to work personally with them on goals for the summer and to give them some sort of closure.  I also invited the parents to join (if they were free).

During one such meeting I found myself having to answer a hard question from a student… “What has your job been while we have been home for Corona?  Because my mom and dad have been my teacher.  So what have you been doing?”

I sat there dumbfounded for what felt like forever (but was really only seconds).  I have been the teacher but have I not shown that?  Do parents think this?  Do other kids think they’ve been without me as a teacher too?  Luckily, the father jumped in quickly, laughing.  “Actually, Ms. Wetmore has been the Quarterback for this team.  She calls the plays and throws them to me, the receiver, and then I pass them along to you to execute.” Way to go dad!  

I do not claim to know a lot about sports, but I do recall a quote stating that a player is only as good as the team they are a part of.  My team was big this school year.  I had to rely on them a lot more than usual, but they were my team!  My winning team!  Together we made it through a historic, digital championship.  Now on to summer vacation!


8 thoughts on “QB

  1. Nothing like an analogy to help a first grader — and the rest of us – understand a bit more about what we just went through. Well crafted slice! Such an important piece of history you captured here! Way to go YOU!

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  2. Oh how I love the questions kids ask! This is a good one. I just think teaching and learning looked SO different. I love the metaphor of the QB. That sounds about right. You are the one coordinating, planning, putting the work out there, but this year we certainly needed our teams (parents, colleagues, friends and families) to help us through. Nice work, team!

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  3. What a great response and I think a great analogy for this unexpected and novel learning environment. I also love how you met with each child individually to talk about goals and to reflect on this end of the year scenario.

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  4. E,
    What an amazing post (as all have been). You offer up sweet nuggets every time you write and for that I am very, very thankful. May take me a while to receive the nuggets, but they’re there waiting for me. Again, thank you.
    Go team!

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