Whip Cream

Several weeks ago my aunt sent my family and I a video of a challenge.  The challenge was to put a dollop of whip cream on the top of your hand, hit your arm to fling the cream in the air and catch it in your mouth.  .”

A few days later a text message to the family came through… a video of my cousin followed by the caption “who’s next?”  Her whip cream went nowhere near her mouth but at least she tried.

This time, my mom and I rose to the challenge.  Unfortunately, our whip cream never even left our hands.  I guess we need a lesson about force but we tried.  

After a few days of thinking about our failure I tried again…for my students.  I videotaped my morning message (or challenge) for them.  This time the whip cream did go in the air but… landed on my eye.  I sent it anyways and anxiously awaited their responses.

Some kids tried it.  Some failed.  Some came close.  Others didn’t have whip cream so were inventive and used other items like a marshmallow or cheese.  Any way they tried the challenge they were laughing the whole time and having fun (and so was I watching their responses).

Then for the grande finale… during our dance party on Friday afternoon I spontaneously decided to give it a try again.  I’ve tried this several times.  Can I actually do this?  

“You guys have to cheer for me” I shouted at my computer screen.  “Give me a count down!”

“3, 2, 1…..”

I hit my arm creating FORCE and guess what?!  It actually worked.  The cream actually went into the air and then actually landed in my mouth.  The crowd of kids virtually went wild!



8 thoughts on “Whip Cream

  1. How great that you shared this challenge with your students and then tried it during your dance party! (Not to mention how great it is that you have a weekly class dance party!) I can just imagine the hoopla when the whipped cream hit your mouth. What fun!

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