My Elbow

My right elbow has been bothering me recently.  It’s been a problem for a few years now but it’s been acting up more recently.  The doctor says it’s tennis elbow…I’ve never played.  Or maybe it’s golfers elbow…still not sure if that’s really the case.  Needless to say, I’ve been trying my best to figure out what triggers it so that I can eliminate some of the pain and stiffness.

Trial #1 Exercise: I workout almost daily.  I do a variety of weight and cardio exercises.  Yes, it hurts but with modifications I’m usually ok.  AND when I was in Florida a few weeks ago (where I wasn’t working out much) my elbow hurt the most and had decrease in motion/flexibility…I couldn’t even touch my shoulder.  Could exercise be causing it?  Should I stop or is the blood circulating in the elbow a good thing?

Trial #2 Texting:  How many texts or emails do you writing on your phone daily?  For me it’s a lot.  Unfortunately in today’s society it is our life line.  After a day on the couch with me on the phone a lot it hurts.  But then the next weekend I do the same and my elbox is fine.  I’ve tried the voice to text option instead but end up with messages like “I talked to Jesus today” instead of “I talked to Judy this morning.”  My phone updated and I can now swipe to text instead of hitting each letter separately, but is that helping or hurting?  Should I just give up my life life line altogether?

Trial #3 The Weather:  I have no control over the weather but does it effect my elbow?  Some days I’m convinced that the rainy day is making my elbow painful but then other rainy days it’s like my elbow doesn’t even exist.  Hmmm…can I rule this trial out?

Does anyone else have an idea of what I should try?  Is it just a combination of things and stretching/a brace/icing/heating/needling should be part of my lifestyle? Help!


6 thoughts on “My Elbow

  1. Talk to Jesus. OMG You made me laugh. I wish I had more helpful advice. It sounds like repetitive use inflammation of some kind, but I guess you already knew that. I am having similar problems with my knee. Good luck and let us know if you figure it out. Thinking of you. Wishing I could be there for you.

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  2. Sorry to hear about your elbow trouble. I hope you discover the cause and get some help. Another possibility: Have you recently elbowed someone just for attention or fun?

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  3. My husband found that if his wrist is in the cocked position, like when doing push ups, for days on end he had tennis elbow. He has to be conscious of his positioning when typing, sitting, eating, etc.

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