Kids being kids

Ptwoo… Ptwoo…

The wall is falling!  Keep shooting! 


These are some of the things coming from the children playing army in the street.  They are wearing mostly green and have army helmets on.  They are going up and down the dead end on their humvees (aka bikes) and “defending” their country.

They are having ball being kids.  Enjoying the fresh air.  Not caring about what’s going on around them.

Eventually a father comes and gives them a 10 minute warning. The game seems to intensify as they want to “finish” the battle before they have to go home for the night.

Ptwoo… Ptwoo…

The wall is falling!  Keep shooting! 


But before they finish the dad is back… “let’s go!”  When the son doesn’t leave, the father joins the game and chases him right into Long Island Sound.  “Now the battle’s over!  Let’s go!”

And off the soldiers march!  The battle will continue tomorrow!




7 thoughts on “Kids being kids

  1. I’ve hesitated to write this but you’ve posted several times about your neighbor kids playing together. The reason we aren’t having school is that we are trying to eliminate contact. Those kids go home to house with people who come into contact with others. It’s harsh and hard but we can’t treat this like summer vacation or a snow day. We have to stop this.


  2. This is great and I am so glad to see this because I am pretty sure this happened in my neighborhood. They are also my children who were playing with a first cousin. We encourage the good old fashioned fun and our neighborhood is the perfect place to play D Day in the beach. The boys are obsessed with learning about the history of wars, know every tank, ship and plane by name too. Both Grandparents are vets and it is all in good fun. Thank you so much for enjoying it as much as we do.

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